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Rebecca Morgan

PhD student in Geophysics at the University of Oxford

I'm a self-taught programmer, experienced in scientific programming, and eager to learn more about software engineering.


EasySkim Screenshot


Developed at OxHack 2014 - produces intelligent and structured summaries of academic papers using nltk in Python for easy reading.

HTML CSS Python Flask


Commute Screenshot


Developed at OxfordHack 2016 - given a destination and travel time/method, suggests where to live and provides demographic and contextual data.

HTML CSS Javascript Python Django


Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

I'm currently working through the excellent book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce Tate to expand my knowledge of different programming paradigms.

Ruby Io   Prolog   Scala Erlang

Clojure Haskell


Code O'Clock

Developed as part of a Chingu freeCodeCamp cohort - splash page for a Slack bot to aid meeting planning for developers working remotely. As yet unimplemented, but may be revisited in the future...




My research focuses on modelling the evolution of continental margins, primarily using Python and Matlab.


Currently, I am working on modelling the formation of volcanic features on magma-rich margins using flexure and process-oriented gravity. In December 2016, this work was presented at the AGU Fall Meeting. More information about my research can be found at my Earth Sciences departmental homepage.


I have been involved in tutorial teaching and demonstrating while at Oxford. For the first two years of my Ph.D. I held an Earth Sciences lectureship at Worcester College with weekly teaching responsibilities for mathematics and geophysics tutorials. I have also demonstrated a Software Carpentry course for new PhD students.


I'm passionate about outreach and science communication. Over the past few years, I have co-organised an annual visit for a local Primary School to experience a day in the life of a geologist at University. I tweet about these actvities and more on my science-specific twitter account @EarthRebecca.


The best way to contact me is via email at beccamorgan92[at]